Frequently Asked Questions

Food service team

What services do you provide?

Teamworx provides hospitality staffing to Hotels, Restaurants, Managed Food Services Companies, Private Clubs and Private Events, The two major services we provide are fixed-term staffing for special events and our new Housekeeping service, Houseworx.

What makes Teamworx Staff different from other hospitality services?

Through our quality assurance procedures, we can track our associates' performance on assignments. Our customized database allows us to record the performance of each team member and continually improve our services by scheduling only the most reliable and skilled staff members. We also provide both basic and supplemental training to all of our associates.

How do you recruit your associates?

We focus our recruiting on college campuses and within the fine dining industry. We also hire through referrals from other Teamworx associates.

How do you evaluate your associates' skills?

We administer both written and applied tests to all interested candidates upon application. Waiter tests cover everything from banquet industry vocabulary and etiquette, to applied testing on place settings and hands-on skills (carrying a tray, setting up a buffet, etc.).

What are your bill rates?

Please contact a Teamworx sales representative to inquire about our service rates.

Server Assistant

What is your policy if we want to hire one of your associates?

We offer a temp to hire program and a direct placement program to our clients.

Do you have an on-site managed staffing program?

For clients that utilize a large volume of temporary staff, Teamworx offers on-site managed staffing. A Teamworx manager will be assigned to your location to evaluate, train and manage temporary team members according to your requirements. This program saves our customers staffing time and expense, especially when their use of temporary team members is extensive.

What lead-time do you require on orders?

We would like as much time as possible to identify the right team member for your event or assignment. However, we are prepared to respond to same-day orders. The skill search capabilities of our automated system are extensive and efficient. We will let you know the status of your order within 2 hours.

Are your associates independent contractors or team members of Teamworx?

All of our associates are team members of Teamworx. This means that we cover workers' compensation and liability insurance, withhold state and federal payroll taxes, and handle all other associated burdens so as to decrease any liability to our valued clients.

What is an "on-call" temp?

An on-call temp is a Teamworx team member who works from day to day at different assignments, depending upon our customers' needs.

Do You Offer On-Site Support?

Enjoy a coordinator to handle the responsibilities associated with outsourced labor. Receive assistance with initial scheduling, last minute schedule changes and complete shift confirmations. Manages time sheets, payroll processing and even disciplinary matters. Becomes the dedicated “go to” person for all Teamworx inquiries.

What Type of Coverage Do You Provide?

All our associates are covered by workers’ compensation and liability insurance.

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